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Destination – Byron Bay

Byron Bay truly is unlike anywhere in the world.

Above:Byron Bay truly is unlike anywhere in the world.

Visitors enjoy a variety of accommodation options, some of the best food and food producers in the country, a wide range of activities, inspirational brands, fantastic markets and more. Byron Bay truly is unlike anywhere in the world. So, come visit the wellness capital of Australia and experience the awe- inspiring natural beauty, and lively, welcoming community.

Explore the region’s beaches by kayak, on horseback, by taking surf lessons, or whale watching. Get a birds-eye-view of the mountains and coastal landscape by balloon, or cross sky-diving off your bucket list. Shop local designers and producers at the community markets, be the first in Australia to watch the sunrise, or treat yourself to an indulgent day at the spa. Hike to the iconic lighthouse, people-watch with a cup of coffee, or discover the local art scene at one of Byron’s galleries or live music venues.

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Look back a few decades and Byron Bay was known for its alternative culture, easygoing surfers and off-the-grid hippies. Now, Byron may be a bit more refined, but it’s no less beautiful. You’ll still find incredible surf breaks and tranquil yoga retreats that give a nod to Byron’s hippie history. You’ll also find newcomers including award-winning restaurants, luxurious beach houses and craft breweries. From barefoot backpackers to Hollywood celebrities, Byron Bay has retained its status as a destination for everyone.

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